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Honest and upfront pricing from our experienced service technicians.
Free estimates on Plumbing, Heating & Cooling work within our service area.
Minimum 1 year parts and labor warranty on all work.
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Central Plumbing Heating and Cooling is located in Albuquerque. We are a locally owned, family-owned, plumbing service, installation, and repair business. Our plumbers are experienced and friendly! We are the coolest plumbers in Albuquerque, just ask around! We are a highly rated and trusted plumbing business that has been doing the right thing for our customers for over 15 years!

Call us or schedule online for an honest assessment of your plumbing, heating, and cooling work with fair pricing.


Our experienced plumbers do it all from a water heater install to a small faucet drip.
Albuquerque plumbing heating and cooling
We service all makes and models of gas furnaces, wall heaters, and boilers.
boiler gas furnace installation service and repair
Swamp cooler installation, service and repair. We install high efficiency Breezair coolers.
Breezair swamp cooler service and replacement
We can snake your kitchen, laundry, and bathroom drains. 3-month warranty on all drains.
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  • Kitchen Sink Clog
  • Laundry Line Backup
  • Tub / Shower Clog
  • Lavatory Sink Clog
  • Toilet Auger
We provide fast and friendly services for:
• Residential     • Property Managers     • Realtors
Use our online form to get an approximate estimate for your plumbing, heating, and cooling needs. Upload some photos, describe your issue, and get a response emailed back to you within 24 hours.
Give us a call to schedule a service or an estimate at your home or you can use our online form.
5 star reviews best plumbers in albuquerque
albuquerque plumber 5 star google reviews
Jeannie K.

All categories mentioned are surely true. I haven’t had a service call that I enjoyed as today. I felt trusting not skeptical. I’d been scheduled a 2 hr. window and to my delight, the fellas showed up on the front end of that 2 hr. window and called ahead. My worries as a senior citizen were all for nothing. I was in good hands with Central Plumbing Heating and Cooling.

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Becca S.

We have had the pleasure of working with Mark on three separate occasions. He’s worked on our water heater and furnace, and recently took care of a plumbing issue. The service is prompt, friendly, fairly priced and reliable. What more could you want?

yelp plumber reviews in albuquerque 5 star
Nishan K.

I needed a company that would start my cooling system and close my heating system for the coming of summer on April 21st 2016. Since I bought the house the previous month, I was looking for a small business able to accomplish the task in a professional way. It went very smoothly. Mark was a professional, exactly the person I was looking for. He was courteous, knowledgeable, punctual and the pricing was very reasonable. Will recommend very highly !

albuquerque plumber 5 star google reviews
Fred D.

Friendly, professional and local family owned. I decided to go with a five star service that was more accessible than the big names where I was probably just a number in their daily quota (that really happens). Former military I wanted good value and them in and out. Quotes and research completed they were my first choice. The technician notified me ahead of time they could be early if convenient and were in and out with parts replaced, my problem solved rather quickly. Thank you Central, we recommend this company and their number is one you want to have on hand if you own a home.

albuquerque plumber 5 star google reviews
Michael S.

First time using Central Plumbing. Had little to no hot water from water heater. After reading online reviews for several other companies, I noticed that Central Plumbing had not one negative review from anyone for whom they did service. Was in the middle of a busy work day, so I just sent off an online request to be contacted about my water heater issue. Mark responded in less than 2 minutes, and an appointment was set. Mark and Braden came out, diagnosed the problem, and solved it quickly by replacing the hot water valve. Could’ve sold me a new water heater and taken me for a $$$ ride for all I know about it, but they didn’t. They tested all areas and lines and made sure that issued was fixed and that I had hot water again before leaving. Very pleased with their friendly, thorough service, and I will call them again anytime I have an issue. I never say that about *anyone*, so, do yourself a favor. Call these guys. You won’t be sorry.

albuquerque plumber 5 star google reviews
Johnny M.

After getting several quotes for a swamp cooler replacement I chose Central Plumbing as they had the best price and responsiveness. I was very happy with their prompt estimate, they were able to install the swamp cooler within a couple of days. Mark, Braden, and their crew were very professional, thorough, and knowledgeable in their work. I would definitely recommend and use them again.

albuquerque plumber 5 star google reviews

I’m very happy with the professionalism and work performed by Braden! This company also provided me with an estimate for the relocation of my water softener. They are highly recommended. 5 stars for sure.

albuquerque plumber 5 star google reviews

The online estimate was very convenient and efficient. Fast response time. I love my new sink and faucets! Great job guys:)

albuquerque plumber 5 star google reviews
C. Morin

We added a new laundry sink and needed the faucet and plumbing professionally installed.
Called this business and we are very happy with their work. Their prices are fair. Response time was excellent. We will call them again.
Thank you !!!!

albuquerque plumber 5 star google reviews
M. Colman

Great service and very reasonable pricing. I have had Central Plumbing into my home twice, and have been impressed both times. Trustworthy, and have fixed both issues (sink drain clog and furnace) in a timely manner. Will use them again, and highly recommend them!

albuquerque plumber 5 star google reviews
Wendell W.

Braden was professional and knowledgeable. He explained everything that needed repair and the cost. He didn’t oversell things that didn’t need to be done. Alysa in the office was polite and informative. Mark responded quickly with quotes and invoices and receipts. I couldn’t be more pleased with this company. Everyone was pleasant and friendly. The entire experience was stress-free during a Pandemic. Everyone also wore masks. I highly recommend them.

albuquerque plumber 5 star google reviews
Joe M.

Mark was great to work with. Best price in town for all the same work. My water heater went out, tank blew up, he was able to provide me upfront pricing and came out the next day and installed it! All others told me they would have to inspect and then schedule a week out. A week without hot water in the winter was not going to happen. Thanks, Mark and Bradon for installing and bringing it up to code. Excellent service!

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Stuart G.

I engaged Central Plumbing to repair the concealed main water line leak in the front yard of my Albuquerque residence. This involved excavating the landscaping surface to unearth the water line submerged about 5 feet below the surface. Mark (Owner) and his Tech completed the job within just about 3 hours (10:30am to ~ 1:30pm). Upon reconnecting the water supply from the meter they tested the system for leaks and made sure there were no particulates introduced in the plumbing from the repair. They did a stellar job of cleaning up the work site and restoring the landscaping materials (river rocks on the surface). Even though the repair work involved was quite invasive and required substantial displacement of landscape material to expose the cracked plumbing ( deep trench) after the job was completed you literally could not tell that anything had been done after they were through, as they did a very thorough, professional and workmanlike job of handling the repair site, and I was quite impressed and thoroughly pleased with that! Mark (Owner) provided a clear description of the work performed on the invoice – along with a reasonable warranty and personal assurance that he would return if I had any lingering issues with the repair. Everything went as well as can be, and I am pleased to give an unqualified recommendation to Central Plumbing LLC. I will surely recommend them to my friends and I will engage them again for future plumbing services as needed.

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Garry T.

I had water around the base of the water heater that would disappear and reappear the next day or so. Another plumbing company had come and looked at it and the technician decided within 30 seconds that I needed a new water heater… My water heater is only 3 years old so decided to get a second opinion. The technician looked all around the water heater and said he could not see a leak. Then he checked my water softener and determined that the water was flooding out of the drain every time it dumped water in the cleaning cycle. He snaked the drain and corrected the line. It cost me a few hundred dollars to fix. I’m glad for the second opinion because it saved me thousands of dollars and all the hassle to fix something that was not really broken.

albuquerque plumber 5 star google reviews
Sami S.

Mark and his team are amazing! They hooked us up with a swamp cooler called the Breezeair and I have never been happier. It works similar to an a/c unit but it’s still swamp. I have been very happy with my unit and last summer it kept my house 70° ,the whole summer without raising our electricity too much or even water. I highly recommend them and their services. Thanks Mark!

albuquerque plumber 5 star google reviews
Earl P.

I use Central Plumbing for all my heating, cooling, and plumbing needs. Braden and Mark always show up on time, perform quality work, offer tips on smaller tasks that I can do on my own, and do it all at a fair price. Many jobs they’ve done for me even ended up costing less than originally estimated.

albuquerque plumber 5 star google reviews
Karen S.

Braden and Eric were quick to respond and address our issues. Both were courteous and respectful of our property and we wouldn’t hesitate to call them again. Thanks guys!

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Carolyn S.

Last Friday I called Central Plumbing just after 8 a.m. Mark (the owner) said they’d be over between 10:00 a.m. and noon. Right at 10 o’clock he and his assistant arrived. He looked at the cracked tile in the kitchen, took note of the moist grout, and went right to work. He located all the water placements in the house, checked those, and went under the house to check for the leak. It took about three hours to locate the leak. An old plastic tube connected to an ice maker piece was attached to a valve under the house, and the tube had sprouted leaks. The valve was “on” and the water had been leaking for who knows how long. Mark fixed the leak, and took pictures of the damage under the house. I don’t know if a less attentive plumber would have found the leak. I looked at the photos of the mold, and the damage to the subfloor and my heart sank. Mark said that I could use the photos to educate the insurance adjuster about the damage under the house. He also said to leave the two crawl spaces uncovered, and that would hasten the dry out of the area. Mark’s assistant took note of several things that I would like an estimate for, and he was working on those. He also did some clean up. Mark worked, first as an investigator, then as an apt plumber, for the entire 3.5 hours. He is polite, soft spoken, and has a keen eye. He is an expert, and his workers are learning from a craftsman. The cost for the repair was $533.00. This was the third time I’ve used Central Plumbing. I am relieved to know that I have a reliable plumber. I’ve also got a friend using Central Plumbing, and she is very happy with their service, as well

albuquerque plumber 5 star google reviews
Jessie k.

Mark and his staff are super professional, honest, knowledgeable and dependable. As an added bonus Mark didn’t try to up sell or talk me into something I didn’t need and, as an independent woman, our conversations also weren’t peppered with phrases such as, “does that make sense?” and “are you married?” A real pleasure to deal with this company, I’m quite happy I chose them.