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Central Plumbing Heating and Cooling is a locally owned, family owned, service, installation and repair business. We are a highly rated and trusted business that has been doing the right thing by our customers for over 10 years!

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central plumbing heating and cooling located in albuquerque


Plumbing Service Albuquerque. For your plumbing services and gas appliances installation are a local Albuquerque plumbing, heating, and cooling company. We have been in business for over 10 years are one of the best plumbers in Albuquerque. We offer free estimates on all plumbing, heating, and cooling work. If you are looking for plumbers in rio rancho, we do plumbing rio rancho, heating rio rancho and cooling rio rancho. Some of our services are drain cleaning: we snake toilets, snake kitchen drains, snake laundry drains and snake bathroom drains. We also do sewer cleaning if you have cleanouts located at the front of the house. We install water heaters. We can replace your water heater with a new tank or tankless water heater. If you need hot water recirculation, we can install recirculation pumps that use special bypass valves. We install toilets. We can install power flush models as well as regular gravity toilets. If your toilet is leaking, we can service your leaking toilet. We carry common toilet repair kits on our vehicles. If you need to replace your garbage disposal with a new model, we can replace your garbage disposal. We specialize in leak detection. We can detect gas leaks, underground water leaks, and under-slab leaks. We repair underground leaks in the yard or under the slab. The leak repair process cost varies from job to job. We are happy to come out and give you a free estimate. We work on gas. We perform MERC tests, pull permits for gas work in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Placitas, Corrales, and Bernalillo. We can take care of your liquid petroleum (LP) to natural gas (NG) conversions. As the gas company extends their gas lines to the outer lying areas people are installing new gas meters. If the gas company pulls your gas meter or shuts off your gas some other way and you are given a red tag or correction notice we can perform the repairs and pull the permits so you can get your gas meter back. We can install a water softener for you or whole house filtration systems as well as Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems. We do bathroom remodels. We can reroute bathroom water lines and drains, install bathroom shower faucets, lavatory faucets, and sinks. We can move toilets, replace bad toilet flanges and install toilets after tile work. If you need a gas line run to a gas BBQ or gas fire pit or you need a gas space heater installed we can safely install your gas appliances. We work on all makes and models of shower faucets, kitchen faucets, lavatory faucets, outdoor hose bibs, frost-free hose bibs. We can repair or replace all models of faucets. We offer 1 year to 5-year labor warranties on our plumbing fixture installations. A whole-house repipe comes with a 5-year warranty. A navien tankless water heater comes with a 3-year labor warranty. We are open Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm. Check out our 5-star google reviews, Angie list reviews, and yelp reviews.


We install boilers, water heaters, tankless water heaters, hot water boosters, recirculation pumps, sump pumps, water softeners, water filtration, RO systems and everything in between.

Heating Services. We are an HVAC company in Albuquerque. We offer HVAC repair and service. We work on all makes and models of forced air gas furnaces and boilers. If you need a furnace or boiler installed, we can do that. If your furnace is blowing cold air, we will have to come out and diagnose your furnace. There is a diagnostic charge for furnace repair work and boiler repair work because of the technical nature of furnaces and boilers. If you go ahead and have the work done from the estimate, we waive the diagnostic fee. Annual furnace service is recommended at least once a year. A gas furnace gets dirty and needs to be cleaned once a year. Furnace filters are changed out and everything else on the furnace or boiler is checked. We test for carbon monoxide at the closest register. If you are having thermostat issues, we can diagnose them and repair your thermostat or replace it. We service wall furnaces. If you are looking for top-rated heating and cooling companies near me and you live in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Placitas, Bernalillo, or Corrales we service all those cities. We can pull permits for heating installation work and all our work is inspected. We can diagnose boiler leaks and other boiler issues like failing zone valves. If your furnace won't turn on give us a call.


Gas Furnace Service Yearly furnace service is important. A well-maintained furnace can operate for 25 years or more virtually trouble-free.…

Cooling Services. We work on all makes and models of evaporative coolers. If you need swamp cooler seasonal service or your evaporative cooler is blowing hot air we are scheduling for spring changeover service and fall changeover services. We clean oil and start your cooler in the spring and shut down your furnace or boiler. Seasonal swamp cooler maintenance makes sure everything is running for the season. We offer a labor warranty on swamp cooler seasonal service so if something breaks you only pay to have the part replaced. We are a Breezair installer in New Mexico. Breezair coolers cool on par with refrigeration Swamp cooler installation near me - we install all makes and models of swamp coolers in Albuquerque. We are a Breezair installer in New Mexico. We can replace your old leaking swamp cooler with a new more efficient model that cools better than your old evaporative cooler and lasts longer than your old swamp cooler. These coolers are made from plastic and have a 25-year cabinet warranty. The parts are quality and have solved a lot of ongoing issues with standard swamp cooling units. Smart thermostats and external temperature and humidity sensors help your unit anticipate its workload and run as efficiently as possible. Trust central plumbing for all your swamp cooler installation, service, and swamp cooler repair needs! If you need to replace your cooler pads we can install them for you if you buy them first or we can pick them up.


We install all makes and models of swamp coolers.If your current system is not doing the job our heating and cooling technicians…

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Gas Fitting

Gas Fitting Our gas fitters are licensed and have years of experience installing and repairing gas piping systems here in…

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central plumbing heating and cooling located in albuquerque

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First time using Central Plumbing. Had little to no hot water from the water heater. After reading online reviews for…

best plumbers in albuquerque

All categories mentioned are surely true. I haven't had a service call that I enjoyed as today. I felt trusting…

best plumbers in albuquerque

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I engaged Central Plumbing to repair the concealed main water line leak in the front yard of my Albuquerque residence.…

plumbing and heating reviews

central plumbing heating and cooling located in albuquerque central plumbing heating and cooling located in albuquerque
The Australian-made Breezair and Convair Coolers are some of the finest evaporative air conditioners available and the highest-rated two-speed cooler on the market. Built for the harsh Australian climate they are top performers here in New Mexico.

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