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Swamp coolers must be cleaned and winterized every year. Mineral buildup in the pads of the cooler chokes the pads reducing efficiency. Mineral build-up in the water pan clogs the water pump and the water distribution lines. The cooler must be cleaned and oiled. In autumn the swamp cooler is unplugged, drained, and winterized.
Give us a call for all your swamp cooler repair needs in Albuquerque and surrounding cities. We repair all makes and models of swamp coolers including Breezair swamp coolers.
If your old swamp cooler is not doing the job we can recommend newer more efficient models. We will come out to your home and business and find the perfect swamp cooler for you.
Our swamp cooler service technicians carry quality replacement parts for most makes and models of swamp coolers including Breezair swamp coolers. We can get you back up and running in no time. We help homeowners startup and de-winterize their swamp coolers in the spring and winterize in the fall. We install swamp coolers including Breezair coolers.
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The mineral build-up in a swamp cooler is the most common problem. This can cause issues with pumps, water lines, and pads. Cooler bearings must be oiled every season or they very quickly overheat and seize up. The belt must be replaced every few years and tensioned correctly.
Yes, they should be serviced twice a year to make sure they are cleaned, oiled, and tuned up for peak performance. Avoid costly evaporative cooler repair.
It’s dependent on usage and how well it has been maintained over the years but a swamp cooler usually shows its age after 10-15 years.

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