We love Water Heaters!

At Central Plumbing we have installed hundreds of water heaters for our customers over the years we have been in business. Each install is its own challenge and we have learned a lot about water heaters and how to correctly install them in that time. When you have a licensed professional install your water heater you get the benefit of all their knowledge. We work with the city to make sure all code violations are addressed ensuring your appliance is installed correctly and safely.
Heat pump, tankless and tank water heaters

Installed to meet current code.

The plumbing code is updated every year. We keep up with all the changes making sure your water heater installation is done right.

1 Year parts and labor warranty.

We cover all parts and labor related to your water heater installation for one year. The manufacturer's parts warranty is usually 6 years.

All code upgrades are included in the price.

Thermal expansion tank, earthquake straps, pan, and water alarm, temperature, and pressure drain line, and gas line sediment trap are all included in your flat rate price. Only venting is excluded and requires a separate quote.

Quality parts.

We make sure to use high-quality parts when installing your water heater so you will never have to worry about parts corroding or failing prematurely.

High efficiency options.

We install all types of high-efficiency water heaters. Tankless water heaters are a great option with unlimited hot water. Energy Star heat pump water heaters and high-efficiency gas storage water heaters can save you up to $3500 over its lifetime.

Ongoing maintenance plans.

The mineral in our water builds up in your water heater clogging heat exchangers and settling at the bottom of the tank. Flushing your water heater once a year is key to reducing this buildup which can shorten the life of your water heater and cause other issues.