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Boiler service & repair
We service and repair all makes and models of residential boiler systems. Our expert technicians can diagnose and repair any boiler issues. We can take care of your yearly boiler maintenance as well as a full boiler clean and flush to keep your boiler running efficiently.

How often should a boiler be serviced?

Residential gas boilers should be serviced once a year. An annual boiler service by a qualified boiler technician ensures any issues with the boiler are identified and repaired quickly. A regularly serviced boiler stays running safely and efficiently.

What happens if a boiler is not serviced?

Your boiler will become less efficient, cost more money to operate, and increase the risk of catastrophic failure. Zone valves can get stuck open causing overheating in that area and overwork the boiler.

Can I repair my own boiler?

It’s not illegal to repair your own boiler if you are competent to do so but it is not advised due to the possibility of a catastrophic failure such as carbon monoxide poisoning, fire, or explosion.

How long DOES a boiler service take?

Boilers require more time to service than a gas furnaces. A boiler service takes 1 to 2 hours. If a component is removed and the air is introduced into the system it can take a few hours longer to properly purge air from the boiler.

What maintenance does a boiler need?

Boilers should be cleaned and flushed. All boiler components are checked including the expansion tank, circulator pump, relief valve, barometric damper, pressure-reducing auto feeder, pressure and temperature gauge, boiler drain valves, zone valves, and wiring.

boiler manifold clogged cold zones
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