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swamp cooler replacement
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Evaporative Cooler EXT Series, Two-Speed Motor, Down Draft
Breezair EXT Series, 2 Speed Motor, 5500 CFM
breezair swamp cooler albuquerque
Breezair EXT Series, Two-Speed Motor, 6500 CFM
breezair 10 speed cooler tbqi
Breezair TBQI Series, 10 Speed Motor, 5500 CFM
breezair tbqi 10 speed swamp cooler
Breezair TBQI Series, 10 Speed Motor, 7500 CFM
Evaporative Coolers, CTA Series CTA250-B
Convair CTA Series, Two-Speed Motor, 5500 CFM
Evaporative Coolers, CTA Series CTA500-B
Convair CTA Series, 2 Speed, 8500 CFM
1 °
40°cooler than outdoors
Breezair coolers cool better than any other swamp cooler on the market. Sometimes up to 40° cooler which is comparable to refrigerated air conditioning.
1 %
90% less energy than refrigerated air conditioning
INVERTAIR™ INVERTER MOTOR Is Energy-efficient consuming less energy than conventional motors.

The non-clogging water distribution system and complete pad saturation make this cooler extremely efficient.
Uses a thousand gallons less than a standard swamp cooler
The water manager uses the minimum amount of water to achieve high-efficiency cooling. The free flow water distributor ensures constant, even pad saturation increasing the cooling effect and outperforming competitor products.
The Australian-made Breezair and Convair are two  of the finest swamp coolers available and the highest-rated two-speed coolers on the market. Built for the harsh Australian climate they are top performers here in New Mexico. All Breezair and Convair swamp coolers qualify for a

$300 PNM rebate.

Installation of a Breezair swamp cooler takes less than a day.

All newly installed Breezair and Convair coolers come with 1 year of free seasonal maintenance thats the spring and fall change over.

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