drain cleaning

Drain Cleaning

We clear all types of drains. We use mechanical drain snakes to clear residential drains and sewers. They can take care of pretty much all clogged drain issues. We don’t offer a jetting service.

Trying to clear a drain clog with caustic drain-clearing chemicals is not recommended. We find they are not very effective for most types of clogs. We offer a 30-day warranty after we clear a drain, they do not. These chemicals get on our equipment and have to be cleaned off otherwise everything rusts. Also, it’s dangerous for our technicians if it gets on their skin or in their eyes.

When you clear a blockage with a mechanical snake the entire line is scrapped out and then flushed out with hot water.

After your line is cleared we can recommend other steps like using enzymes as preventative maintenance for your drains.

Clogged Toilet

A clogged toilet is a real inconvenience. We carry toilet auger equipment on our vehicles that will take care of most problems. If something has been flushed down the toilet we can attempt to fish it out or break it up. Sometimes the toilet will have to be replaced outright.

Clogged Tub / Shower

No one likes standing in 2″ of luke warm water. We carry equipment to clear your clogged tub drain.

Clogged Laundry

The laundry line typically ties into the kitchen line before it goes out to the main. We see clogs happening there at the y junction a lot. Sometimes we have to snake moth the laundry and kitchen lines. 

Clogged Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sink lines carry a lot of grease and soap. This builds up into a black sludge that sticks to the inside of the drain lines. Kitchen sink clogs require multiple passes with the snake and lots of flushing with hot water to clear them properly.

Sewer Cleaning

We can clear your sewer line as long as you have a set of cleanouts installed somewhere in your sewer line. Our technicians do not clear lines from the roof through roof vents. If you want cleanouts installed we can give you a quote.

Clogged or Seized Garbage Disposal

Remember when your mom told you not to put your hand in the garbage disposal? We put our hands in garbage disposals every day. If you have dropped something into your garbage disposal we can retrieve it and get everything running again.