Brezeair EX Series

Evaporative Cooler Installation

Evaporative cooler installation should be handled by a professional. We install all makes and models of evaporative coolers.

If your current system is not doing the job we can recommend options that will greatly increase your cooling comfort level, while costing far less than refrigeration to purchase as well as operate. These high efficiency swamp coolers qualify for a PNM $300 rebate. 

With every new evaporative cooler install we give you a years worth of free seasonal service. That's the Spring and Fall change over including furnace or boiler shutdown and startup.

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Breezeair swamp cooler install Albuquerque

Up-dux Ceiling Vents

If you have a pitched roof you really should have a couple or more up-dux installed through out your house. A big benefit of having ceiling vents installed is that you can close all your doors and windows when your evaporative cooler is operating. All air is now pushed up into your roof space which greatly reduces the temperature up there. A lower roof space temperature means less radiant heat is able to penitrate into your living area.

Variable Speed Blower Motor

Variable speed motors are being used in furnaces more and more. Now they are available for swamp coolers.

Energy savings is a big benefit to having a variable speed motor. Running your cooler at a lower speed reduces noise. These motors come in10 speed. At the lower speeds air noise is reduced greatly from the vents while still pushing plenty of fresh air into your house.
Breezeair swamp cooler install Albuquerque