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We work on all makes and models of free-standing gas furnaces and wall furnaces. We carry common repair parts on our vehicles and can fix most furnace repair issues quickly. We can suggest ongoing furnace service and a furnace deep cleaning to fix underlying issues that may be causing furnace components to fail.

Gas Furnace Repair


There is usually some underlying issue when a part breaks on your furnace. Our expert technicians can diagnose your furnace issues and quote you for furnace repair. We can suggest ongoing furnace maintenance to keep your unit running at its best.

furnace repair

The cost to repair a furnace ranges between $250 to $1100 for complicated repairs. Most furnace repairs are on the low end of that range unless we have to replace an expensive part or parts like a blower motor or control board.

Look for things like the blower running but no heat. Or if the furnace keeps starting and stopping then eventually shuts down completely and has to be reset. Or loud noise coming from the furnace that is not typical with regular operation.
With yearly service, you can expect to get about 20 to 25 years out of your residential furnace.
The most common furnace repairs are safety sensor failures, overheating due to dirt buildup, and furnace component failures like inducer motors and blower motors.

Gas Furnace Startup


Annual furnace maintenance is recommended for your gas furnace. When we start your furnace we check all stages of operation, clean the furnace, replace filters, check CO levels in the exhaust vent and inside at the registers. We can tell if your furnace has been derated properly for Albuquerque’s altitude and derate it if needed.

Furnace Maintenance


A furnace moves tons of air every day while heating your home. Regular furnace filters are far from perfect and things like dust and pet hair will make their way into your furnace. This stuff coats the blower and blower motor intakes. It clogs your AC coil and sticks to just about everything else inside the furnace. As airflow is reduced your furnace has to work harder to maintain your comfort level. When your furnace starts to short cycle it’s a sign that there is a real and potentially dangerous problem going on.