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Gas Leak Detection

A gas leak is a cause for concern. If you smell gas, don’t use a light switch, telephone, or cell phone. Open your doors and windows and leave the house. Call to have the gas leak located. We carry gas leak detection equipment on our vehicles and can locate a gas leak in your home quickly.

Natural gas is colorless and odorless. A harmless chemical called mercaptan is added to give it a distinctive odor. People describe the smell as rotten eggs or hydrogen sulfide-like odor.

Gas leak detection. This is a photo of a set of gas furnace burners. These burners are showing a nice blue flame which shows that the furnace has been derated properly. This gas furnace was installed at approximately 5,600 feet. The furnace is an 80% efficiency furnace and needs metal venting to vent it safely. The more high efficiency furnaces can be vented with 2" PVC piping. This allows these furnaces to be vented easily from basements and other tight spaces.

Gas Leak Detection Cost

Gas leaks are located fairly quickly so gas leak detection costs are on the low end. If we have to cut open walls to find the leak this can take a lot more time and the cost goes up.

Red Tag Repair

What It Means When Your Furnace Is Red-Tagged

A red tag means that an HVAC technician or city inspector has identified a critical safety problem with the unit.
Critical safety problems can be a carbon monoxide leak, dangerous flame rollout, lack of a safety system or burner issues. A carbon monoxide leak can be caused by a cracked heat exchanger. Older furnaces with iron heat exchangers are susceptible to cracking mostly but we see pressed metal heat exchangers cracking also.
The unit is unsafe and operating it can lead to serious injury or death.

Gas leak repair. This is a photo of a residential gas line coming out of the wall in half inch hard pipe. It tee's off and the first branch feeds a natural gas furnace that is rated at 150,000 btu. The second branch feeds a 40 gallon bradford white water heater. Both of these appliances are in a utility closet located in the middle of the house. Gas line sediment traps can not be seen here after the gas valve but are on the water and heater directly attached to the gas valve. A water heater installed in a utility closet needs to be set in an aluminum pan and piped away to a drain or a water alarm is placed inside the water heater pan to sense a leak.

Gas Leak Repair

When we find the leak we may need to shut off the gas to your house before making the repair. There needs to be a shutoff valve installed independent of the gas company’s shutoff valve.  If the valve is not there then we are not allowed to turn off the gas. Instead, New Mexico Gas will need to be scheduled to come out and turn off the gas to your property. NM gas will have to be scheduled again to come back, turn the gas on, purge the lines and light your appliances.
Once we have completed the gas leak repair we will test for leaks.

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