Gas Service. Gas Plumber. Natural Gas plumber. Central plumbing offers a full range of gas services. We can locate gas leaks inside your home. If you smell gas inside your house open doors and windows and give us a call. We can quickly identify gas leaks and repair gas leaks. If your meter has been pulled or it has been disconnected we can pull the necessary permits and perform the gas code upgrades or gas repair work so your meter can be reset by the gas company. NM gas. We install all kinds of gas appliances from gas furnaces and gas space heaters to gas water heaters and gas lines for bbq and fire pits. We can take care of your liquid petroleum LP to natural gas NG conversion needs. If you have a new gas tap on your property or the gas company will run a line up to your house we can prepare your house for the conversion. We convert any gas appliances from LP to NG or we replace them outright. We connect to your old LP system and increase pipe size if needed. The gas company sets their gas meter and we come back to purge air and relight gas appliances. We repair gas log fire places. If your gas log fire place wont light we can diagnose it and replace parts as needed. After the gas fireplace is repaired we run it and check it for Co and gas leaks. If your gas fire place has a pilot flame but wont turn on we can check the all switch and connected wiring. If you need a new gas line for an oven or gas dryer or you want to move a gas line behind an oven or elsewhere in the house to suite a new appliance we can pull the required gas permits and make these changes to your gas line. The cost to repair a gas leak and the cost to locate a gas leak vary based on the difficulty of the job but we do offer free estimates on all plumbing heating and gas repair work What does it cost to install a water heater? The cost of installing a water heater is a flat rate price. All time and materials for the water heater install are included in the flat rate price. The cost to install a tankless water heater is about twice as much as the cost to install a tank. The cost will go up if we need to replace or modify the venting for the water heater. This needs to be done usually if you have a gas furnace installed next to the water heater and they share a common vent. If they do then the venting is increased from 3" to 4" coming off the top of the water heater and the y junction that combines the furnace vent with the water heaters is upsized. The cost to replace a gas furnace is a bit more complicated because now we have to look at modifying duct work as well as furnace venting. The cost to install a furnace starts with what size furnace you need, how many BTU's you need to heat your home.

A gas leak is a cause for concern.

If you smell gas, don’t use a light switch, telephone, or cell phone. Open your doors and windows and leave the house. Call to have the gas leak located.
We carry gas leak detection equipment on our vehicles and can locate a gas leak in your home quickly.

Natural gas is colorless and odorless. A harmless chemical called mercaptan is added to give it a distinctive odor. People describe the smell as rotten eggs or hydrogen sulfide-like odor.

Do Plumbers Fix Gas Leaks?

Yes! Plumbing and gas fitting go hand in hand. Almost all plumbers will have a JP and a JG license. There is a lot of crossover between the two areas so it makes sense to be licensed in both.

Does The Gas Company Fix Gas Leaks?

The gas company does not fix gas leaks. If you call them because you smell gas they will inspect the entire gas system in your house and identify any leaks as well as safety issues and code violations. They may pull or cap your gas meter for safety reasons then write up a correction notice. A licensed gas plumber needs to fix the issues before the gas will be turned back on. A city inspection may be required before this can happen. Only a licensed gas contractor can pull the required permits so the gas can be turned on again. 

Red Tag Repair

We are licensed to fix red tag issues when they are identified. We can pull the permits and schedule follow up inspections if needed.

Gas Leak Repair

When we find the leak we may need to shut off the gas to your house before making the repair. There needs to be a shutoff valve installed independent of the gas company’s shutoff valve.  If the valve is not there then we are not allowed to turn off the gas. Instead, New Mexico Gas will need to be scheduled to come out and turn off the gas to your property. NM gas will have to be scheduled again to come back, turn the gas on, purge the lines and light your appliances.
Once we have completed the gas leak repair we will test for leaks.

Gas leak repair

Gas Leak Detection Cost

Gas leaks are located fairly quickly so gas leak detection costs are on the low end. If we have to cut open walls to find the leak this can take a lot more time and the cost goes up.

Gas leak detection.

What It Means When Your Furnace Is Red-Tagged

A red tag means that an HVAC technician or city inspector has identified a critical safety problem with the unit.
Critical safety problems can be a carbon monoxide leak, dangerous flame rollout, lack of a safety system or burner issues. A carbon monoxide leak can be caused by a cracked heat exchanger. Older furnaces with iron heat exchangers are susceptible to cracking mostly but we see pressed metal heat exchangers cracking also.
The unit is unsafe and operating it can lead to serious injury or death.