With extensive experience in gas line installation, repair, and conversions, our team of gas fitters is well-versed in delivering quality service in New Mexico. Holding licenses for Natural Gas work in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Corrales, and Bernalillo, we ensure compliance and proficiency in every aspect of our operations.


For those requiring a new gas line installation for a recently acquired gas appliance, our services extend to various options. New gas lines can be installed either visibly along your walls, discreetly routed underground, or strategically placed through the roof space using a durable corrugated gas line known as Wardflex. Our capabilities encompass the seamless extension of gas lines to diverse installations, including gas BBQs, fire pits, gas pool heaters, and gas fireplace conversions.

Furthermore, we offer the convenience of tapping into existing gas lines within your walls or roof space, enabling the creation of new lines wherever necessary.


Effortlessly and economically connect your new gas appliances with our professional services. Our installations cover a wide range, from gas ovens in your kitchen to suspended gas ceiling heaters for your workshop. Our commitment lies in meticulously and safely installing your appliances, ensuring they function optimally.

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Encountering challenges with your gas fireplace? Allow us to diagnose the issue and provide tailored recommendations for repair. Our expertise extends to the replacement and repair of gas fireplace switches or thermostats. Following restoration, we conduct a thorough check for carbon monoxide spillage to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your gas fireplace.


We approach Gas Fitting with utmost seriousness. All our work adheres to city regulations, with proper permits obtained and inspections carried out. We initiate the permitting process before commencing any work, handling the scheduling of inspections on your behalf and maintaining open communication with inspectors to promptly address any arising issues. Our dedicated team of gas plumbers prioritizes precision in every aspect of the gas work. For a reliable gas plumber in your vicinity, contact us at 505-715-5743.