Our gas fitters have years of experience with gas line installation, repair, and gas conversions here in New Mexico. We are licensed to do Natural Gas work in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Corrales, and Bernalillo.

Permits and Inspections


We take Gas Fitting seriously. All work is permitted and inspected by the city. We pull all necessary permits before the work starts. We take care of scheduling the inspection for you and stay in contact with the inspector so any issues that come up are addressed quickly. Our gas plumbers will take the time to make sure your gas work is done correctly. Call us at 505-715-5743 for a gas plumber near me.

Gas Line Installation


If you need a new gas line installation to a new gas appliance we can do that. New gas lines are run exposed along your walls or taken down and run underground. We also run lines through the roof space, using a corrugated gas line called Wardflex. Lines can be easily run to gas BBQs, fire pits, gas pool heaters, and gas fireplace conversions.

We can also tap into an existing gas line in your wall or roof space and run a new line anywhere you need it.

Gas Appliance Installation


Easily and affordably have new gas appliances connected. We install everything from gas ovens in your kitchen to suspended gas ceiling heaters for your workshop. We will take the time to install your appliance correctly and safely.

Liquid Petroleum (LP) To Natural Gas (NG) Conversion


As the gas service is extended into the outer lying areas, it makes sense to convert from your old LP tank to natural gas service. The savings that come from using NG instead of LP are substantial. BTU load is recalculated and the gas system is upsized as needed. We provide a new tap for the gas company to connect their meter to. All existing appliances are either converted from LP to NG or replaced with natural gas versions.


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Gas Fireplace Repair


Have an issue with your gas fireplace? We can diagnose your gas fireplace and recommend options to repair it. We can replace and repair any gas fireplace switches or thermostats. After your gas fireplace is back up and running we check it for carbon monoxide spillage.

If you smell gas, don’t use a light switch, telephone, or cell phone. Open your doors and windows and leave the house. Call to have the gas leak located.
We carry gas leak detection equipment on our vehicles and can locate a gas leak in your home quickly.
Natural gas is colorless and odorless. A harmless chemical called mercaptan is added to give it a distinctive odor. People describe the smell as rotten eggs or a hydrogen sulfide-like odor.
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Do Plumbers Fix Gas Leaks?


Yes! Plumbing and gas fitting go hand in hand. Almost all plumbers will have a JP and a JG license. There are a lot of crossovers between the two areas so it makes sense to be licensed in both.

Red Tag Repair


We are licensed to fix red tag issues when they are identified. We can pull the permits and schedule follow-up inspections if needed.

Does The Gas Company Fix Gas Leaks?


The gas company does not fix gas leaks. If you call them because you smell gas they will inspect the entire gas system in your house and identify any leaks as well as safety issues and code violations. They may pull or cap your gas meter for safety reasons and then write up a correction notice. A licensed gas plumber needs to fix the issues before the gas will be turned back on. A city inspection may be required before this can happen. Only a licensed gas contractor can pull the required permits so the gas can be turned on again.

What It Means When Your Furnace Is Red-Tagged


A red tag means that an HVAC technician or city inspector has identified a critical safety problem with the unit.
Critical safety problems can be a carbon monoxide leak, dangerous flame rollout, lack of a safety system, or burner issues. A carbon monoxide leak can be caused by a cracked heat exchanger. Older furnaces with iron heat exchangers are susceptible to cracking mostly but we see pressed metal heat exchangers cracking also.
If the unit is unsafe and operating it can lead to serious injury or death.

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Gas Leak Repair


When we find the leak we may need to shut off the gas to your house before making the repair. There needs to be a shutoff valve installed independent of the gas company’s shutoff valve.  If the valve is not there then we are not allowed to turn off the gas. Instead, New Mexico Gas will need to be scheduled to come out and turn off the gas to your property. NM gas will have to be scheduled again to come back, turn the gas on, purge the lines, and light your appliances.
Once we have completed the gas leak repair we will test for leaks.

Gas Leak Detection Cost


Gas leaks are located fairly quickly so gas-leak detection costs are on the low end. If we have to cut open walls to find the leak this can take a lot more time and the cost goes up.