Are you experiencing an unusually high water bill? The cause may be an inconspicuous water leak. Such leaks are not exclusively located underground; they can originate from sources like a malfunctioning toilet, an outdoor spigot, or a sprinkler system.

Identifying a hot water leak early on is crucial. Keep an eye out for the following indicators:

  1. Inadequate supply of hot water
  2. Continuous operation of the water heater
  3. Detectable hot spots on your flooring
  4. Reduced water pressure throughout your residence

If you observe any of these signs, it is advisable to investigate promptly to address potential issues and prevent further water and energy wastage.

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The primary water line typically lies at a depth of approximately 3 feet and may consist of materials such as iron, copper, PVC, or poly. In most instances, we can excavate and rectify the damaged section. However, if the line is constructed with galvanized iron pipe and exhibits severe corrosion, a comprehensive replacement of the entire yard line may be necessary. Our team is equipped to assess the situation and implement the appropriate measures for a reliable and lasting solution.

Find and repair water leaks and get the overage credited back to your account.


Our procedure involves utilizing a jackhammer to access the specific location of the leak through the slab. Once accessed, we undertake repairs to the underground water line. In certain cases, when feasible, we may opt to reroute the water line by establishing a new connection from the manifold. This alternative route may traverse through walls and roof spaces, ultimately reaching the fixtures it serves. This approach ensures a comprehensive and effective resolution to address the water line issue.


Selecting the appropriate water leak detection company is crucial for avoiding unnecessary headaches. The proficiency of your technician plays a pivotal role in the prompt identification of water leaks, and to streamline the process, we maintain a fixed cost for our leak detection tests. Additionally, we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and offer a complimentary follow-up leak detection test if required.For all your water leak detection service needs, consider Central Plumbing. Trust us to deliver reliable and efficient solutions with a focus on precision and customer satisfaction. Call us today to benefit from our expertise and dedicated service.
Diagnosing a hidden water leak requires a systematic approach and careful observation to identify the source of the issue. One of the initial steps involves checking the water meter. By turning off all water sources and monitoring the meter over a period of time, any unexpected changes in readings can indicate a potential leak. Additionally, keeping a close eye on water bills for unexplained increases in usage can provide valuable clues.
Inspecting visible areas for signs of leaks is crucial. This includes examining fixtures, appliances, and plumbing connections for any visible water accumulation or damage. Discoloration, water stains on walls or ceilings, and peeling paint can point to hidden leaks within the structure. In areas prone to moisture, such as basements and crawl spaces, checking for mold or mildew growth can also reveal the presence of a concealed leak.
Utilizing technology can aid in the detection process. Water leak detectors equipped with sensors can be strategically placed near water-intensive appliances or in potential trouble spots. These devices sound alarms or send notifications upon detecting moisture, alerting homeowners to possible leaks.
Performing a dye test on toilets is a simple yet effective method. Adding a few drops of food coloring to the toilet tank and observing if the color appears in the bowl without flushing can help identify leaks in the flapper valve. Additionally, conducting a pressure test on the plumbing system by shutting off all water sources and monitoring for pressure drops can pinpoint potential leaks.
However, if these DIY methods prove inconclusive or if the suspected leak is in a hidden or inaccessible area, seeking professional help is advisable. Experienced plumbers have specialized tools such as acoustic devices and infrared cameras to pinpoint hidden leaks accurately. Their expertise can be invaluable in efficiently identifying and addressing water leaks, preventing further damage to the property and conserving water resources.