Cooling Services. We work on all makes and models of evaporative coolers. If you need swamp cooler seasonal service or your evaporative cooler is blowing hot air we are scheduling for spring changeover service and fall changeover services. We clean oil and start your cooler in the spring and shut down your furnace or boiler. Seasonal swamp cooler maintenance makes sure everything is running for the season. We offer a labor warranty on swamp cooler seasonal service so if something breaks you only pay to have the part replaced. We are a Breezair installer in New Mexico. Breezair coolers cool on par with refrigeration Swamp cooler installation near me - we install all makes and models of swamp coolers in Albuquerque. We are a Breezair installer in New Mexico. We can replace your old leaking swamp cooler with a new more efficient model that cools better than your old evaporative cooler and lasts longer than your old swamp cooler. These coolers are made from plastic and have a 25-year cabinet warranty. The parts are quality and have solved a lot of ongoing issues with standard swamp cooling units. Smart thermostats and external temperature and humidity sensors help your unit anticipate its workload and run as efficiently as possible. Trust central plumbing for all your swamp cooler installation, service, and swamp cooler repair needs! If you need to replace your cooler pads we can install them for you if you buy them first or we can pick them up.

We install all makes and models of swamp coolers.

If your current system is not doing the job our heating and cooling technicians can recommend options that will greatly increase your cooling comfort level while costing far less than refrigeration to purchase as well as operate.

These high-efficiency swamp coolers qualify for a PNM $300 rebate. 

With every new swamp cooler replacement we give you one year’s worth of free seasonal service. That’s the Spring and Fall change over including a furnace or boiler shutdown and startup.

swamp cooler replacement cost
Heating and cooling. A job where heating and cooling units were replaced with a breezair swamp cooler and a navien tankless water heater. On 2 story houses we will use a crane service to safely lift your old unit off the roof and your new swamp cooler on.

Swamp Cooler Repair and Service

Our swamp cooler repair technicians carry replacement parts for most makes of the swamp coolers and can get you back up and running in no time. All replaced parts are warrantied for a year. If you have a service contract and something breaks the trip charge is waived. We also can take care of your swamp cooler’s seasonal maintenance.

Swamp cooler repair. Our swamp cooler repair technicians will get your swamp cooler back up and running again. This photo shows a failed swamp cooler water pump that was removed from a unit that has not been services in 2 years. Lots of scale inside the motor housing.
Swamp cooler maintenance. This is a photo of a rusted swamp cooler blower housing in need of maintenance. The customer opted to have it cleaned with a wire brush and then painted with a spray on rust inhibitor.
This is a photo of an extremely rusted swamp cooler blower assembly. The rust is covering the blower wheel and fins as well as covering the entire blower assembly. This was a cooler that had not had any kind of seasonal maintenance for its life time. When the blower gets to this point its best to just replace it or the entire swamp cooler with a new unit.
swamp cooler shut down - This is a photo of a swamp cooler motor power cord. This power cord was showing signs of over heating at the pins which ended up melting some of the plastic around the pins. This is a sign that the motor is working too hard. Its possible that the bearings are seizing up, or the blower belt is too tight. Once the issue causing the overheating problem with the power cord the cord was replaced with a brand new cord.