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Twice yearly swamp cooler maintenance is recommended. Swamp coolers get dirty. They fill up with dust, debris and scale. This chokes the cooler killing pumps and blower motors. Scale on blower blades and pads reduces efficiency. All this debris blows out of the swamp cooler and ends up in your ducts.
Swamp coolers need to be drained and winterized in the fall to avoid freezing.

swamp cooler winterization
Rusty swamp cooler blower

Swamp Cooler Winterization

With a service contract, you can have your swamp cooler serviced twice a year. In the spring we clean the swamp cooler, oil bearings and check all components of the swamp cooler as well as the connecting ductwork. We can recommend purge pumps and water line-scale eliminators to reduce the build-up in your cooler.
We want to keep your cooler running trouble-free for the whole summer.
In the fall we drain, disconnect, winterize and cover your cooler. 

This is a photo of an extremely rusted swamp cooler blower assembly. The rust is covering the blower wheel and fins as well as covering the entire blower assembly. This was a cooler that had not had any kind of seasonal maintenance for its life time. When the blower gets to this point its best to just replace it or the entire swamp cooler with a new unit.
Swamp cooler water pump clogged with scale buildup
swamp cooler shut down - This is a photo of a swamp cooler motor power cord. This power cord was showing signs of over heating at the pins which ended up melting some of the plastic around the pins. This is a sign that the motor is working too hard. Its possible that the bearings are seizing up, or the blower belt is too tight. Once the issue causing the overheating problem with the power cord the cord was replaced with a brand new cord.
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How much is it to service a swamp cooler?

Call us at 505-715-5743 and we can give you a price for a swamp cooler service. With a service contract, you prepay for the spring and the fall visit and get a discount.


how much is it to service a swamp cooler