Angie Review 03/03/2016

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I engaged Central Plumbing to repair the concealed main water line leak in the front yard of my Albuquerque residence. This involved excavating the landscaping surface to unearth the water line submerged about 5 feet below the surface. Mark (Owner) and his Tech completed the job within just about 3 hours (10:30am to ~ 1:30pm). Upon reconnecting the water supply from the meter they tested the system for leaks and made sure there were no particulates introduced in the plumbing from the repair. They did a stellar job of cleaning up the worksite and restoring the landscaping materials (river rocks on the surface). Even though the repair work involved was quite invasive and required substantial displacement of landscape material to expose the cracked plumbing ( deep trench), after the job was completed you literally could not tell that anything had been done after they were through, as they did a very thorough, professional and workmanlike job of handling the repair site, and I was quite impressed and thoroughly pleased with that! Mark (Owner) provided a clear description of the work performed on the invoice – along with a reasonable warranty and personal assurance that he would return if I had any lingering issues with the repair. Everything went as well as can be, and I am pleased to give an unqualified recommendation to Central Plumbing LLC. I will surely recommend them to my friends and I will engage them again for future plumbing services as needed.

There was a stress crack in the water line in my front yard caused by a tree root, and as a result, my residential water bill reflected a significant increase in water consumption (due to the leak). I engaged a separate contractor who located the leak beforehand. That contractor referred me to call Central Plumbing LLC as a reliable company to repair the plumbing leak. I phoned Central Plumbing on Monday morning, 2/29 to schedule a repair – hoping to be able to schedule service ASAP. Mark, the Owner, answered my call, and he immediately scheduled a site visit that same morning to assess the repair. He arrived promptly as scheduled at 10:30 am with another technician. He provided a very reasonable and realistic repair time and cost estimate to complete the repair with a comprehensive description of the work to be performed. This inspired my confidence so I chose to hire this contractor to do the repair work right on the spot.