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We install and repair all makes and models of toilets including power flush models. Toilet installation takes a few hours. Once we pull the old toilet we examine the toilet flange for any issues. Your new toilet replacement is set, leveled, and caulked in. We warranty the toilet installation against leaks and problems like your toilet rocking for 1 year.

Toilet Repair


What causes a toilet to leak water?  If it is around the base of the toilet it could be coming from the tank bolts or the tank gasket. This can cause a wobbly toilet tank. Chlorine tablets in the toilet tank can cause the bolts to corrode and swell up any rubber seals inside the tank.

It could also be coming from the angle stop or toilet supply line. There are some toilet supply connectors under recall because of the plastic nut cracking and blowing apart under pressure. Sometimes the fill valve can crack and leak at the base. You may need to replace the toilet flapper or the flush valve if water is leaking into the toilet bowl.
We carry common toilet repair parts on our service vehicles and can pick up special parts for higher-end toilet repairs locally.

Toilet Repair Kit


If you have purchased a toilet repair kit we can install the parts for you. We only offer a one-year labor warranty on customer-supplied toilet repair parts. If we supply the repair parts our labor warranty is 1 year!

Toilet Flange Repair


Sometimes a toilet flange repair is needed. A toilet plumber will pull the toilet to examine the flange. Sometimes the toilet flange can be repaired with a toilet flange repair kit. The old metal flange ring is removed and a new two-piece repair kit is installed. Sometimes we have to cut the pipe underground and glue in a new toilet flange that way. The toilet is set with a new wax ring, leveled and caulked in.

Toilet Leaking Water Around Base


If your toilet is leaking water around the base it could be a bad wax ring, a loose or wobbly toilet, a sewer backup, or some kind of leak from the toilet tank, supply line, or angle stop.

Toilet Installation Cost


The cost to install a toilet varies if we need to replace the toilet shutoff valve or we need to make repairs to the toilet flange. If you pick up a toilet from Lowes or Home Depot we can install it. Lowes toilet installation cost and Home Depot toilet installation cost will be close to our flat rate price. We offer free estimates for toilet installation.

toilet repair



You can try to unclog a  toilet with a plunger or a toilet auger. Sometimes the clog cannot be reached or it cannot be removed and the toilet has to be removed. Our technicians have a lot of experience unclogging toilets and pulling a toilet is usually the last resort.