water heater installation

Water Heater Installation

At Central Plumbing we have installed hundreds of water heaters for our customers over the years. Each job is its own challenge and we have learned a lot about water heaters and how to correctly install them in that time. When you have a licensed professional do your water heater installation you get the benefit of all their knowledge. We work with the city to make sure all code violations are addressed ensuring your appliance is installed correctly and safely.

Water Heater Service

Yearly water heater service like flushing your tank once a year to get rid of the mineral sludge that builds up at the bottom is recommended. Flushing your tankless heat exchanger yearly is a must to keep it flowing and also remove mineral deposits build-up on internal components. If you have a recirculation pump attached and the connecting piping is galvanized it should be checked for blockages or replaced with brass fittings. 

Water heater repair albuquerque. Water Heater repair Rio Rancho. This photo is of a technician repairing an issue with a burner assembly. The water heater wont stay lit. He has removed the pilot tube from the gas valve. The wires that power the gas valve have been removed, These wires run to a limit switch that is located on the door of the burner chamber. The wrire then runs inside the burner chamber to the thermopile. The thermopile sits in the pilot flame. The thermopile generates a voltage from the heat to power the gas valve. The thermopile portion of the burner assembly was removed and replaced with a new OEM part. The burner assembly was installed and the burner door sealed. The water heater was lit and tested.
water heater installation
commercial water heater replacement

Water Heater Replacement

Water heater replacement takes 3-4 hours for a tank and most of the day for a tankless heater. If your old heater vent is only 3″ and it combines with your furnace vent then we will have to replace your venting all the way out to the roof to meet plumbing code. This adds a few more hours and cost to the job.

Water Heater Repair

We repair all makes and models tank and tankless units. Our technicians carry critical repair parts on their vehicles. If the water heater repair falls under your warranty the part is overnighted and installed the next day. Most other replacement parts can be picked up locally.

Commercial Water Heater Replacement

Call us for a quote on commercial water heater replacement. We can show you high-efficiency options to replace those huge 75+ gallon tanks.

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1 Year parts and labor warranty

We cover all parts and labor related to your installation for one year. The manufacturer's parts warranty is usually 6 years.

Quality parts

We make sure to use high-quality parts when installing your heater so you will never have to worry about parts corroding or failing prematurely. Galvanized fittings are not reliable. They start to corrode and leak quickly. Brass fittings never corrode or clog up the same way galvanized fittings will.

All code upgrades are included in the price

Thermal expansion tank, earthquake straps, pan, and water alarm, temperature, and pressure drain line, and gas line sediment trap are all included in your flat rate price. Only venting is excluded and requires a separate quote.

water heater service
water heater replacement

High efficiency options

We install all types of high-efficiency options. Tankless heaters are a great option with unlimited hot water. Energy Star heat pump units and high-efficiency gas storage units can save you up to $3500 over its lifetime. Albuquerque and Rio Rancho run rebate programs periodically that you can take advantage of.

Ongoing maintenance plans

The mineral in our water builds up in your heater clogging heat exchangers and settling at the bottom of the tank. Flushing your unit once a year is key to reducing this buildup which can shorten the life and cause other issues.

Installed to meet current code

The plumbing code is updated continually. We keep up with all the changes making sure your installation is done right.

A new water heater installation in rio rancho.
Setting a water heater for a water heater replacement in rio rancho. Getting ready to install the expansion tank.
Water heater installation plumbing service in Albuquerque. Thermal expansion tanks are required in albuquerque and rio rancho now. Tap the top and then the bottom to test if it has ruptured or not.
Water heater service Albuquerque. This is a photo of a water heater service call where we came across a water heater leak happening on a unit that looked like it was over 20 years old. It has the older style metal gas valve and has a hose attached so it can be drained before it is lifted out and removed. We worked on the gas line next to it and cleaned it up adding a gas line sediment trap. When the installation area is tight we can use a slim style heater that end up being a bit taller. If you don't have a lot the space in the closet the utility closet then this is a good option. A tankless water heater could have been installed here as well on the wall.
Water heater repair Rio Rancho. This is a photo of an old and neglected 40 gallon natural gas water heater that was in an un occupied house. The unit was not winterized and sat under pressure for many years while the house remained vacant. The unit is showing signs of leaking around the top seam. The brown staining instead of the more typical white indicate that the tank is quite rusted out and in need of quick replacement. We pulled this unit and replaced it with a new bradford white. Everything was brought up to code including new earthquake straps, new venting, a new thermal expansion tank with all brass fittings and it was placed in an aluminium pan with a water alarm.
A water heater replacement in albuquerque that has been brought up to code. The city requires that the temperature and pressure line is hard piped with a union now. A water alarm in the aluminum pan is a nice feature.

Call us for a free estimate on water heater replacement Albuquerque and water heater replacement Rio Rancho.
All work is permitted and a water heater inspection is included in the installation price.