Call us for water heater installation. We work with the city to make sure all code violations are addressed ensuring your appliance is installed correctly and safely.
Well, it depends on things like where your existing water heater is located, if your water heater shares a vent with another appliance, and what type and size water heater you need. Call to schedule a free in-home estimate so we can get you a solid price on installation and give you some options.
You CAN purchase a water heater from a big box store and install it your self but you can’t beat the comfort of knowing that your water heater has been installed by an expert who knows the code, can identify potential safety issues and will have it inspected by the city.

Installed to meet code

The plumbing code is updated continually. We keep up with all the changes making sure your water heater installation is done right.
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All code requirements are included in the price

The thermal expansion tank, earthquake straps, pan, water alarm, temperature & pressure relief drain line, gas line and sediment trap are all included. If your water heater shares a vent with another appliance then a venting upgrade requires a separate quote.

High-efficiency options

We install all types of high-efficiency water heaters. Tankless models, Energy Star heat pump units and high-efficiency gas storage units can save you up to $3500 over their lifetime. Albuquerque and Rio Rancho run rebate programs periodically that you can take advantage of for installing these types of water heaters.

1 Year parts and labor warranty

We cover all parts and labor related to your installation for one year. The manufacturer’s parts warranty is usually 6 years.
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Electric Water Heater Installation

Call us for a free estimate on an electric water heater replacement. We can give you pricing on tank models and electric tankless water heaters. All work is permitted and inspected.
tankless electric water heater installation