Water heater repair albuquerque. Water Heater repair Rio Rancho. This photo is of a technician repairing an issue with a burner assembly. The water heater wont stay lit. He has removed the pilot tube from the gas valve. The wires that power the gas valve have been removed, These wires run to a limit switch that is located on the door of the burner chamber. The wrire then runs inside the burner chamber to the thermopile. The thermopile sits in the pilot flame. The thermopile generates a voltage from the heat to power the gas valve. The thermopile portion of the burner assembly was removed and replaced with a new OEM part. The burner assembly was installed and the burner door sealed. The water heater was lit and tested.

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Central Plumbing can take care of all your water heater repair and installation needs. We service all makes and models of tank, tankless, and commercial  heaters. Our technicians carry common repair parts on their service vehicles. If your water heater is under warranty the manufacturer will overnight the parts and we can return the next day to to install them. Talk with your technician about yearly maintenance program like flushing the tank or heat exchanger to reduce scale buildup which can reduce the life of the unit.

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Water heater repair Rio Rancho. This is a photo of an old and neglected 40 gallon natural gas water heater that was in an un occupied house. The unit was not winterized and sat under pressure for many years while the house remained vacant. The unit is showing signs of leaking around the top seam. The brown staining instead of the more typical white indicate that the tank is quite rusted out and in need of quick replacement. We pulled this unit and replaced it with a new bradford white. Everything was brought up to code including new earthquake straps, new venting, a new thermal expansion tank with all brass fittings and it was placed in an aluminium pan with a water alarm.
Water heater repair. This photo is of a small 20 gallon electric water heater that is serving a small business in a strip mall. The unit is located up in the ceiling space above the bathroom. We removed ceiling tiles to access the roof space and discovered that the leaking water heater had been leaking over a long period of time given the water staining that is present. We notice corrosion around the fittings connecting to the water heater drain down valve showing a typical intermittent leak that happens when you use poorly made galvanized fittings. We disconnected the old electric water heater and disposed of it. A new electric water heater was installed in its place. We sat the water heater in a pan with a water alarm and used all brass fittings instead of galvanized. Brass fittings although quite a bit more expensive are worth the extra money spent because they will never corrode like galvanized iron pipe fittings will do. After the water heater repair the unit was filled, plugged in and tested. Tip: Never plug in an electric water heater until you are absolutely certain it is full of water. If you dont you will be draining it and changing the electrical heating elements. Call us for water heater repair in albuquerque, rio rancho, placitas, bernalillo and corrales.
Water heater service Albuquerque. This is a photo of a water heater service call where we came across a water heater leak happening on a unit that looked like it was over 20 years old. It has the older style metal gas valve and has a hose attached so it can be drained before it is lifted out and removed. We worked on the gas line next to it and cleaned it up adding a gas line sediment trap. When the installation area is tight we can use a slim style heater that end up being a bit taller. If you don't have a lot the space in the closet the utility closet then this is a good option. A tankless water heater could have been installed here as well on the wall.
Water heater repair and installation. This is a photo of a new electric water heater that was installed in rio rancho for a property management company.