water heater repair heating service albuquerque and rio rancho

Central Plumbing works on all makes and models of gas-fired and electric water heaters. We carry common water heater repair parts on our vehicles and can quickly repair any issues with your water heater. While we repair your water heater we check all connected gas piping, venting and commonly vented appliances for issues. So if your water heater is leaking or your water heater wont stay lit give us a call.

Tankless Water Heater Repair

Tankless water heaters are a bit more technical than your standard water heater and take longer to diagnose. We work hand in hand with the various tankless water heater manufacturers so we can quickly diagnose and repair your tankless water heater.

water heater repair - this is a photo of a tankless water heater reapir. the heat exchanger had a small leak inside that was spraying across the heat exchanger and running out through the tankless water heaters condensate drain pan and drain line. the customer noted that the unit worked well even though he could hear the water constantly running. after doing some diagnosis with the navien support people we got a new heat exchanger ordered. when the item was shipped the old heat exchanger was removed and replaced with new. everything was tested and the unit was restarted.
tankless water heater wont stay lit and is flashing code 11. the flame sensor and ignitor were removed from the unit cleaned and re installed. after this the unit ran with out an issue. the sensors were covered in soot likely caused by a slightly dirty flame because the unit was not derated properly