Slab Leak Detection

Slab leak detection or underground leak detection is a specialized area of the plumbing and gas fitting trade.
When a homeowner discovers they have a hidden underground water leak or gas leak, the first step in the repair process is to locate it.

The most common method of water leak detection is to use a special, super-sensitive listening device with a probe. These devices have special indoor and outdoor sensors which penetrate the ground and can hear the seeping or trickling sounds of an underground water leak. The technician will work his way around the house or yard listening for the sound and can eventually pinpoint the position of the leak.

Sometimes the technician will fill the water lines with nitrogen which pushes out of the break causing a louder bubbling sound which is easier to pick up. This type of method can take a few hours to more than a day depending on where the leak is located, and how deep it is.

Poly Butylene

The chlorine in our water contributes to polybutylene pipe failure. Chlorine reacts with the materials in the pipe causing it to flake and scale. This causes the pipes to become brittle, resulting in microfractures that create leaks. These types of leaks can be patched, but, all of your pipes are in the same condition and leaks will develop again. There are many houses still plumed in polybutylene piping in Rio Rancho.

A repipe fixes this once and for all. Installing a Pressure Regulating Valve can buy you some time. Almost all polybutylene was installed in Rio Rancho. There are a few subdivisions on the west side of Albuquerque that were plumed in polybutylene.
Cable pull of a water line in Rio Rancho.


Copper pipes are experiencing corrosion and developing pinhole water leaks on the east side of Albuquerque close to the mountain and in Placitas.

Your hot lines will fail quicker than the cold lines. There is a point where the line gets too thin to solder on any type of repair fitting. A re-route or repipe fixes this.

Iron Pipe

There is not a lot of iron pipes left in Albuquerque. If your yard line happens to be run in iron pipe you can expect leaks after 20-30 years. The pipe corrodes internally and externally. Iron released from the pipe causes that brown water you might be seeing. The corrosion scales inside the pipe restrict water flow and deteriorate the water quality. An iron yard line can sometimes be patched but replacement is usually recommended.

How much is a leak detection test?

Residential leak detection is an involved process and is highly dependent on the skill level of your technician. That is why all residential leak detection has a flat rate price and includes a free follow up locate if needed.

Commercial leak location requires a separate quote.
We perform leak location in Rio Rancho Image