water leak detection

Slab leaks can go unnoticed for weeks.

Some early signs are

  • very little hot water
  • a water heater that is continuously firing
  • a hot spot on your floor
  • low water pressure throughout the house

After a slab leak location we must go through your flooring and concrete slab. This hole is ideally a couple of feet wide. After concrete and rebar are removed we dig down and find the source of the leak. After the repair, it is pressure tested and backfilled. Concrete is replaced to slab level.

Water leak detection services. This photo is of a General Gen-Ear LE water leak location system. The technician closes all the water valves inside the house and then uses a compressor to pump air into the water line. Air is forced out of the leak and it bubbles making the leak easier to hear. The technician walks around the house listening for the sounds of a water leak. This process takes some time and skill so it is charged at a flat rate. Once the leak is found then we break up the slab, dig down and repair the pipe. After that the repair is pressure tested, the hole back filled and the concrete replaced. Central plumbing albuquerque performs residential leak detection.
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Water leak detection company. This is a photo of a technician working on a slab leak in a kitchen. The technician is digging out around the leaking pipe and cleaning it in preparation to cut out the bad section and attempt a leak repair. When the slab leak is repaired it is pressure tested. After the pressure test the hole is carefully backfilled and compacted. The concrete is replaces to slab level. Any additional flooring repairs are completed by another contractor. The slab leak detection and repair process takes a day or to to complete. We clean up the areas when we are done. If anything needs to be replaced like a cabinet we will return after the concrete is dry and the flooring is done to re-install what ever is needed.
leak detection rio rancho. sometimes we use a push fitting like a sharkbite fitting to make the connection under the ground. these push fittings are good for poly ethylene pipe because it gets brittle. if installed correctly and wrapped these types of fittings work well on slab leak repairs. this photo shows a solder connection repair in the lower part of the hole
slab leak repair. after the flooring and concrete is removed the water line is exposed. in this photo the lines are 3/4" copper and were repaired by cutting out the bad section, soldering on pex to copper fittings and connected with 3/4" pex pipe and rings

Leak Repair

The technician will work his way around your property listening for signs of a water leak. The water leak detection process can take a few hours to a day to complete.
Once the leak is pinpointed we can quote you for the repair. Some times we will decide to go down through your slab  and attempt to repair the line under ground. Other times we do a water line re-route by finding the leaking water line at the manifold, running it up the wall, into the roof space and to the fixture or fixtures it serves.
Talk with your technician and we can weigh the pro’s and con’s.

How Much Is a Leak Detection Test?

Choosing the right water leak detection company can save you a headache. The skill level of your technician determines how fast the water leak is found so we keep the cost of a leak detection test fixed. We will also provide a free follow-up leak detection test if needed.
Call central plumbing for all your water leak detection services needs.

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