ac maintenance plans Albuquerque HVAC

Air conditioning changeovers are crucial for ensuring that a system operates at its peak efficiency while safeguarding its components against potential issues, particularly during sweltering conditions. Unfortunately, many individuals either underestimate the importance of regular maintenance or remain unaware of its myriad benefits.

So, what does a comprehensive maintenance plan entail? During the winter months, we conduct a thorough check of the furnace to ensure it’s calibrated to the appropriate specifications for our elevation. Since most furnaces aren’t originally calibrated for Albuquerque’s altitude, we make the necessary adjustments. This includes checking PPMS, cleaning the unit, replacing filters, cleaning the flame sensor, and inspecting motor amperage to prevent failures during extreme cold snaps. We meticulously assess temperature rise and verify the proper operation sequence, along with checking capacitors where applicable.

For air conditioning units, our maintenance regimen involves replacing filters and cleaning exterior coils. We meticulously inspect all motors to ensure optimal performance, scrutinizing fan blades for any signs of damage or imbalance. Additionally, we examine contactors for signs of wear or damage, while also assessing refrigerant pressures, capacitors, and delta t to ensure correct refrigerant levels within the home.

The significance of spotting small issues before they escalate cannot be overstated. Minor problems have the potential to snowball into major headaches if left unaddressed. By enrolling in our maintenance plan, which includes biannual visits with filter replacements for both summer and fall, you not only optimize your system’s performance but also enjoy a 10% discount on any troubleshooting calls should issues arise.

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